Event : Going Green!
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Since June, the children have been exploring the theme –Botany. In this thematic unit, the children studied about vegetation. They learn to identify and examine plants and flowers. The children also get to put their hands on the cultivating plants. In such experiences, they get to discover the methods and requirements of cultivation for various types of plants or flowers, such as soil, water, temperature, pruning and means of propagation – whether they are growing from seeds, or bulbs. Such learning has encouraged the children the see that plants play critical support functions in the ecosystem. Thus, the school had organised
Going Green!

On this day children together with their parents enjoyed some simple earth-friendly activities that they may implement in their household to save the planet.
Some of the activities were:
Going Green! Fashionista
- Unique Fruity Salad Demonstration
- Flower Pot Painting Competition
- Plant Adoption
- Show and Tell

Throughout these activities, the school were trying very best to put in effort in using earth-friendly resources.

Event : Searching Safari
About :
Children and parents were kept amused for hours with a safari hunt around the school, reptiles show, fishing and crafts. The children learnt that animals can be categorised according to their special characteristics into groups such as mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds and insects. They studied and investigated parts of the body of each animal group. They also discovered that there are special names to describe young animals and differentiate gender of the animals.

Event : Mini-Olympic : Space Voyage 2009
About :
Mini-Olympic this year reflected the theme that was introduced since March as it carries the name Space Voyage! The school’s atmosphere was made cheerful and bright with planets, stars and rockets surrounding the school premise. Children were divided into 3 teams of ‘Planet Earth’, ‘Jupiter’ and ‘Uranus’. The mix-age teams competed in various fun, ingenious and “adventurous” sporty items.  Many parents came armed with cameras and video cameras to capture the occasion and to support their children.

Event : Excursion to the National Planetarium
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The children were fascinated with astronomy. They were very excited that the day we planned to on a trip to the National Planetarium had finally arrived. The children got to experienced how astronauts go to bed and use the lavatory in the rocket. They were exceptionally thrilled to experience the sensation in the anti-gravity room. The children were very fortunate to meet some astronomers working outside the planetarium and acquired permission to look through the telescope!

Event : Cultural Night Mid-Autumn Festival
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Children and their family members gathered in the school a night before the actual Mid-Autumn Festival was observed to glaze and admire the full moon and at the same time savouring moon cakes. Parents and children had a joyous time engaging in songs and games. Thereafter, parents were enriched in a parenting talk. As for the children, they were having a fun time carrying and parading lilted lanterns around the gardens. Parents together with the children had fun trying their hands on mooncake making.

Event : Concert and Graduation Day 2009
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Today is a special day to all the six years old. It is a day they share their happiness with their families and friends and to acknowledge their success.
All the children were involved in performing a musical drama entitle ‘Children of the World’. The drama invites parents to experience some of the traditions that shape children’s lives everywhere.

Event : Family Day - I Love My Healthy Body
About :
The school organised a Family Day with the theme “I Love My Healthy Body” in conjunction with the International Day of Families (a global observance day held annually on May 15 that celebrates the importance of families. The event was initiated to foster parental engagement in activities that strengthen the bonds between parents and children. Parents and children had a wonderful time participating in fun bonding activities such as morning work-outs, games, parent-child poster drawing competition and music and movements. Everyone was wearing a smile filled with love and warmth.

Event : My Neighbourhood Trip
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"In conjunction with the school cultural theme: "My Neighbourhood",the school had organised an educational trip to the post office, supermarket and library. The children posted postcards at the post office. Then, proceed to the supermarket and made some purchases according to their shopping lists before heading to the library."

Event : Family Day 2011
About :
This year's Family Day carried the theme "Love Your Neighbour as Yourself". All children and parents were having a good time engaging on this eventful day. Some of the interesting activities were: - morning exercise, fun games, family-bonding session and music and movement.

Event : Excursion (12 March 2012)
About :
Recently, the school had organised an educational trip to the Tenmoku Pottery Factory, Batu Caves. During the factory visit, children were guided factory tour. They got to learn how ‘muddy’ looking clay turns to glasslike material called pottery. Children also got to glaze their own cup. Their glazed cups will be fired and sent to school after two weeks.

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